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"This experience was unbelievable."

I wanted to express how amazed I was with the experience I had with Angela. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful she is and her work speaks for itself. I never had boudoir pictures done before and was a little worried. I was not 100% happy with my body (what girl is?), but she made me feel beautiful and completely comfortable. I had Jenny do my makeup and she was outstanding. I ended up booking Jenny for my wedding makeup. So that brings me to the reason I got the pictures done in the first place. They are a wedding gift for my soon to be husband. I met Angela at a Bridal show and decided this is the perfect gift. Her studio is an all-girl studio, so that is very comforting. During the session I changed into 4 different outfits for variety. She posed me and helped me achieve the look I wanted. She had professional lighting and props to help complete the ambience. I enjoyed doing these pictures so much. I never felt weird or self-conscience during the shoot. She put my mind to ease and made sure that I was happy with the whole experience. I came back to view the pictures with my little sister (she is brutally honest). They were absolutely incredible, my sister and I both loved them. We picked out the album and a hard time deciding between the pictures. Doing these pictures and having this experience was unbelievable. It has changed the way I look at myself and I have these Stunning pictures to always remind me of how beautiful I actually am. If you were ever wondering about getting these pictures done, I highly recommend it. Not only do I recommend the pictures, but I recommend having them done by Angela. You will not be disappointed.

- Natalie G.
"Exceeded my expectations in every way!"

Angela is fantastic! Her boudoir photography skills are quite impressive. If you are rather shy, she's a perfect match for you. If you're looking for classy photos, also a perfect match. If you want something more risky, she's your gal. If you're looking for someone to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be, call her! I liked some of her photos online. I was also looking for some photos a bit different from what she has examples of. I took in some examples with complex lighting and angles hoping she could capture a few of those different styles. She was able to take nearly all of the shots! My photos turned out AMAZING!!! She exceeded my expectations in every way. As far as his opinion... he loved them! It's been six months since my shoot and he still comments on them. He says he loves being able to look at sexy photos of me and imagine whatever it is that men imagine. All I know is, it's me he thinks of and can't get enough of! Unfortunately, I won't release my pictures for you to understand what I mean about her work, but trust me on this, you'll love her photos!

- Jennifer M.
"Even though I was hesitant to do the pictures, I am SO happy I did it!"

I had an amazing experience with Angela. I used Angela to take boudoir pictures for my husband for his wedding gift. I was initially nervous about the experience because I have always been self-conscious about myself especially when it comes to pictures. Angela did an amazing job at easing my fears as soon as I walked in the door. By the end of the session she made me feel so good about myself. I felt so sexy and empowered as a woman. I would recommend any girl to do a boudoir session, even if you don’t give the pictures to anyone. Every girl deserves to feel empowered and beautiful after everything social media and peer pressure puts on girls. My husband loved the pictures! My wedding photographer captured a picture of his face opening it on our wedding day and it was priceless. He had a grin on his face ear to ear. He was so surprised! Angela even provided me with an app on my phone that he could download and will now have these beautiful, sexy pictures of me at his fingertips anytime. Even though I was hesitant to do the pictures, I am SO happy I did it! Angela puts her heart and soul into these pictures and took so much time to get to know me and help me make my wedding gift amazing for my husband!

- Nikki W.
"These photos gave me so much self confidence"

Angela was absolutely fantastic. Taking these photos was more than I ever imagined. I took these boudoir photos for my husband as a gift on our wedding day, but it wasn't just a gift for him, these photos were a gift to me as well. These photos gave me so much self confidence that I have been lacking for many years. Angela makes you feel amazing about yourself and guides you through the whole shoot. You feel sexy and amazing when you sit in on your session to pick out your photos!!! My husband was shocked and so excited about these photos as well!! I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out!! I would recommend Angela for to anyone who is looking to having some amazing boudoir photos taken!!!

- Jessica B.
"I'd never thought of myself as sexy. Boy did these photos change my mind!"

I had pictures done for my fiance to give to him on our wedding day. Angela did an amazing job, and although I was nervous at first, she put me at completely ease. Even though the pictures were a gift to my soon-to-be husband I was doing it just as much for myself because I'd never really thought of myself as sexy. Boy did these pictures change my mind! I was so impressed and excited that I gave him the gift early and the album was a huge hit! He's already asked when I can do more!

- Brittany B.
"Angela has a talent for making you feel comfortable and beautiful."

Boudoir photos are a perfect gift for your man for a wedding present or any occasion. I was very nervous for my session but Angela has a talent of making you feel comfortable and beautiful. My husband was totally shocked when he saw them and absolutely loved them. But I think I loved them more. They are literally the best pictures I have of myself. I plan to do another photo session that will be more for myself. If you are hesitating at all, just do it. One of the more affordable boudoir photography places and you don't sacrifice quality. Can’t wait to do it again!

- Hannah S.
"Angela's warm personality is infectious and she is so passionate about what she does."

I couldn’t speak more highly of Angela and her work! She knows how to make even the most self conscious woman feel comfortable and sexy in their own skin, The makeup and hair artists was excellent and I am very picky. I was shocked at how good I looked when she was done and I looked in the mirror. The pictures were stunning and tasteful. Angela's warm personality is infectious and she is so passionate about what she does and it shows in the end product of her work. I would recommend to anyone I know! Can't imagine going somewhere else for a photo shoot like this!

- Amy H.
"I have gained more from my time with Angela than any diet or workout has ever given me."

Any doubts you have about whether or not you could have a boudoir shoot or whether or not you should spend the money - get rid of them. You absolutely can and you definitely should!! My session with Angela was well worth every angst about the money and my body going into it. Not only did I have a one of a kind, beautiful album to give my husband - personally, I gained so much more than I ever expected! I am not a small woman, by any definition. I have struggled with body image for most of my life. Angela and her team of makeup and hair stylists were amazing! I was terrified going into my session, so nervous I had to have a pep talk before getting out of the car! After 30 min, I began to relax and feel comfortable. By the end of the session, I couldn't believe how comfortable I had gotten. Angela is an amazing woman and a talented photographer. When I went in for my viewing session, I couldn't believe the woman in those pictures was actually me! She captured the best of me in those pictures. I went in thinking I would be lucky if I liked even 1 picture enough to order something for my husband - and I ended up LOVING enough that I could have filled the largest album offered! (I didn't, but I did end up buying more than is offered in the mid sized package.) Not only was I able to shock my husband with my album (which is hard to do after 15 years together) - but personally, I gained so much more. My session has given me so much confidence in myself. For the first time ever, I saw the woman my husband sees. I have gained more from my time with Angela than any diet or workout has ever given me. For that, I will always be grateful.

- Olivia V.
"Angela is amazing at what she does!"

Angela was such a joy to work with! She made me feel the most beautiful the day of my shoot. She helps women feel beautiful and confident and not for one second makes you doubt how sexy or glamorous you should feel. She is amazing at what she does and I would not have chosen anywhere else to do my shoot! Thank you for giving me pictures I can look back on with confidence for a lifetime!

- Chelsea B.
"One of the most fun things I have ever done"

My photo shoot with Angela was one of the most fun things I have ever done! One of my friends booked the shoot for me as a bachelorette party gift. I was a little nervous but she made me feel so comfortable. Getting my hair and makeup done that day made me feel like a model! During the shoot Angela coached me through every move and made me feel SO comfortable! Picking the photos I wanted to keep was the hardest part because they were all so great! Doing this photo shoot helped me look at myself in a different way, I feel more confident, sexy and beautiful. I gave my hubby a large print as his wedding gift and I am giving him an album for Valentines Day. He has the photo in his closet and loves looking at it! I would highly recommend Angela to anyone considering a boudoir shoot!! I think every woman should have the chance to do something like this to make you realize how beautiful and sexy you really are! I hope I get to do another session in the future!

- Joanna M.
"Worth every penny"

I went to Angela last year. I wanted to give my husband a unique gift that he would love for our wedding. Angela is an amazing woman. She knows what she is doing. I brought a few different outfits, and she helped me decide which ones to wear for the photo shoot. Walking out in the first outfit, I was a little nervous, but she made me feel comfortable. She played music, and made sure that every shot was a great one. She made sure that my hands were placed just so, and made sure that my outfit looked just right before she snapped the picture. By the end I was super comfortable, and felt fabulous getting the photos taken. My husband was kind of shocked when I gave him his gift, but he was more than excited. I still look at the photos, and am amazed with how well they turned out. Choosing which photos to put into a book was a lot harder than I anticipated it would be. Angela totally has a system for that as well, and it awesome with helping you decide which photos to choose. After seeing myself through her camera lens I honestly saw the beauty in my curves. I will absolutely go to Angela again in the future. I don't have enough words to explain how good she is at what she does, and how amazing she makes you feel in your own skin. It seems like such a nerve-wracking thing to do, but it is worth it in the end. I never thought I would book a boudoir session, but I am beyond happy that I did. Angela is the one you want taking those pictures. Her studio is awesome, and the woman who does hair and makeup is talented as well. You will be so thankful you chose Angela. She is worth every penny!

- Lindsay S.
"Deeply profound experience that really brought about a positive change in my life and my marriage."

I am only giving 5 stars because I can't give more! Angela is extremely talented and kind. She made me feel completely at ease and brought out a side of me that I didn't even know existed. This was a deeply profound experience that really brought about a positive change in my life and my marriage. All the pictures turned out even more amazing than I could have expected and my husband was thrilled! If you are thinking of this at all, stop thinking and get booked with Angela.

- Krystle C.
"My pictures and my album turned out amazing!"

Angela was very nice, professional and knowledgeable! I was anxious and nervous the morning I showed up but I cannot believe how quickly I became comfortable and relaxed! My pictures and my book turned out amazing! I gave it to my husband as an anniversary gift and he loved it, A LOT!!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone and I have since shooting with her :) Also very helpful during the process of choosing photos and a layout for my book! Very comfy and private studio

- Elysa G.

I loved Angela - who, by the way, looks like Meryl Streep. She's beautiful but you feel completely at ease. I'm a fairly confident woman, but of course almost all of us have insecurities when we strip down. It was odd, I expected to be insecure but didn't even think about my imperfections during the shoot. She really makes you feel beautiful because I think she believes you are! If you're debating between Angela or someone else... go with Angela. She's worth it.

- Summer N.
"Phenomenal experience! Highly recommend Angela... You won't regret it!"

- Kimber A.
"Amazing and professional! Felt very comfortable!"
- Heather B.
"Had an amazing shoot with Angela! I would highly recommend her. The best photographer that I have ever worked with."
- Christina A.
"I Love your work Angela. Thank you for making me feel like a beautiful woman & a movie star!!"
- Lula N.
"I had a blast working with you today! Angela is very professional and has a great gentle demeanor that puts you at ease! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!"
- Samantha W.
"I had the time of my life! Thanks Angela! I'll definitely do it again :)"
- Melissa M.
"My photos were absolutely breathtaking."

One word to describe Angela... Awesome. She has been nothing but amazing since the first time I met her at a bridal show here in Columbus, OH. When I contacted her about my interest in doing a boudoir shoot she contacted me promptly by phone and discussed in detail what to expect and how to prepare for that day. On top of that she included a detailed email with all sorts of information to help me make sure I had everything in place for the shoot. The day of the shoot was an early morning for me but Angela made me feel comfortable and talked me through every pose and even took into consideration some of my Pinterest finds into my shots. Jenny did my hair and makeup and made me feel like a million bucks. If you don't have a stylist for your big day I highly recommend her as well! Fast forward to today, I just met with her again to go over the pictures taken and make my package purchase decision. When I arrived I sat down with her and caught up just like we were old friends that haven't seen each other in awhile. She even gave me some wedding photography advice for my big day. The photos she displayed to me were absolutely breathtaking and tasteful. I can't wait to see the finished product and gift the photos to my future husband come our wedding day next June. I purchased the largest package which she customized to my liking. I am also looking forward to doing another photo shoot in the future which came with my package, whenever that may be. I have total confidence and the upmost respect for Angela and her work. You will not be disappointed!

- Danielle S.
"I have confidently referred many friends"

Angela, thank you for all of my boudoir images, video, book, app and for making me feel sexy again! I am still shocked at my husband’s text to you (Holy sh*tballs Angela!) but also trilled that he loves them, almost as much as I do. Let’s be honest, they were for me as well. I am so glad I captured my post pregnancy body before I lost my natural enhancements. I know my husband loves those shots because they are long gone now. I have confidently referred many friends to you and we can’t believe how talented you are with that camera, touch ups but also capturing the true person! The experience was more than I could of imagined. I had fun, I was relaxed and confident in your direction (even though my body got a darn good workout that day)! I admire your integrity, professionalism and character as much as I do your work! I am blessed to have meet you and have you come into our life for our engagement photos, wedding, baby photos and video…and then my boudoir session. I can’t wait to do another boudoir session with you, because I am not getting married again nor having any more babies!

- Bethany S.
"I was blown away at how amazing and sexy I looked!"

I was a little nervous about doing a boudoir shoot for my husband, but when I met Angela, she was amazing! She was very professional, while still making you feel at ease, like a friend you’ve known forever. I had no idea what poses to do, but she has you covered there too! You don’t have to have any modeling experience at all; she tells you everything you need to do, and never rushes you between outfits, or forces you to do any poses you don’t want to. I also came in with some poses I found on Pinterest, and she made sure we got every shot and then some! I have struggled with self-esteem issues in the past and can honestly say that after doing this shoot, I have never felt better about myself! Angela helps you to see the goddess you are (and that your S.O. sees)! Once I got my images back, I couldn’t stop looking at them and I was blown away at how amazing and sexy I looked! I gave my husband these pictures after our wedding, and he was blown away!! He couldn’t stop looking at them, and asking if I had anymore :) It was a wonderful experience and an amazing time getting pampered and doing something that makes you feel beautiful! I would recommend her to anyone, and to anyone who has reservations about this, DON’T! Angela has a talent to capture everyone’s beauty and I would LOVE to do another shoot with her in the future!

- Sarah B.
"I can't speak of Angela enough. This beautiful lady has a true talent."

I can't speak of Angela enough. This beautiful lady has a true talent. Not only in beautiful photos, but in making you feel so comfortable in your own skin. She makes you feel sexy, and confident. I recommend everyone to have a session. You will not be disappointed!!!

- Brigitt M.
"Amazing work. Makes you feel so beautiful and she really spends time creating the look you want. Would love to do it again! Highly recommend."
- Raven G.

Angela far exceeded my vision...she is a genius with the camera!! The whole day was incredible, Gorgeous hair and makeup to start...and being that I am not used to being photographed, Angela walked me through everything, and made me feel so comfortable in her studio, and more importantly with my self. She has a way of making you feel like the sexiest woman and it shows in her art!!

- Jennifer B.
"Angela does amazing work. She definitely makes the experience fun and comfortable. My photos were everything I wanted and more. I would 100% recommend her studio to anyone interested in getting boudoir photos done."
- Shawntae G.
"Celebrity Treatment resulting in Outstanding images. :) superb"
- Carlie Price
"Angela is AMAZING! She took such beautiful glamour images. She absolutely knows how to pose you to show off your best features. I plan to use Angela as my photographer for all future photography needs."
- Brittany L.

Stunning pictures! I had an absolutely amazing experience with Angela! From the first phone call, I knew I had made the right choice in contacting her about a boudoir photo shoot. She explained every detail thoroughly so I knew exactly what to expect and then e-mailed suggestions for outfits and tips for a successful session. Following her guidance, I felt very comfortable going into it.

The studio is clean, comfortable, and safe. I was reassured that the studio door was locked for privacy and went right to hair and make-up. Jenny did a wonderful job! I looked and felt beautiful. Plus, she is so sweet! It was like I was hanging out at a friend’s house. While finishing up with hair, Angela gave me a modeling lesson on poses and facial expressions then helped me perfect my outfits by letting me borrow her jewelry and heels. She really knows what she is doing! I changed outfits in the restroom and followed Angela's instructions for posing. She knew exactly what placements would look good, walking me through how to do each pose, and has the perfect props & backdrops. It was fun! Angela made me feel confident about what I was doing while being extremely patient and nice. She took her time and even went over our appointment time. I greatly appreciate that she genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to have great photos!

The viewing took place a couple weeks after my session. WOW, Angela is a wonderful photographer! I am so happy with how the photos turned out. Decision making was difficult, but Angela provided helpful guidance in the process and did not pressure me to buy anything. I believe I made the right choices and am so excited for my boyfriend to get his gift! I know he will love them and It was fun to treat myself to do something out of the ordinary. I highly recommend Angela Woolridge Portrait!

- Cathie F.
"My very first shoot with Angela blew me away!"

My very first shoot with Angela blew me away! I could tell she had really been keeping up to date with photography trends and really knew her stuff as a professional. A lot of photographers have a "rushed" feeling with their clients, but she took the time to sit and consult and really understand what I wanted. Once we started shooting, she was really intentional about each pose, the sets, lighting, etc and how they would flatter me most. She is easy going and really great about giving direction for how to make yourself look the thinnest and prettiest you possibly can. Working with her feels more like hanging out with a friend, and I always look forward to my shoots with her :)

- Natalie H.
"Angela is a true photography professional."

Angela is a true photography professional. When you first arrive, it's almost like having a session with a therapist because she really takes the time to listen, be present, and find out exactly what the client has in mind. She has a great eye and is an excellent posing director, she's great at helping women to loosen up for boudoir shoots and directing them to look their best.

- Allison C.
"It was such a fun experience, I cannot wait to go back for a maternity shoot."

Angela was wonderful to work with. I did a boudoir shoot for a wedding gift for my husband, which blew him away! She was very professional through out the entire experience. I was a little worried about what to expect because I had never had boudoir pictures done, however she made me feel relaxed and beautiful in my own skin. Hair and makeup was awesome and Angela was great at explaining/showing how to pose to create a perfect picture. It was such a fun experience, I cannot wait to go back for a maternity shoot.

- Kara C.
"So helpful and provided such good guidance from the moment I was thinking about doing the shoot."

I would recommend Angela to anyone! I was definitely nervous for the shoot and want sure if I had made the right decision among all of the boudoir photographers out there. After simply calling Angela and talking with her about the session I knew I had made the right choice. She was so helpful and provided such good guidance from the moment I was thinking about doing the shoot. She made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and gave me confidence to do something I never thought I would do. My pictures turned out amazing-she is so talented! I can't wait to see what my fiancé will say when I give my book of images to him before our wedding!

- Brooke P.
"Professional, fun, down-to-earth, reasonably priced and most of all - the work was quality."

I wanted to do something entirely special and unique for my husband on our wedding day so I thought of doing a boudoir. I looked up competitors and their photos as well as the quality of the packages and of course, the price. Regardless of what I was looking to do, Angela Woolridge Portrait became my top pick. There was also a nice discount on her packages at the time so it was even more incentive for me. I was VERY comfortable during my time with Angela and she really went out of her way to make me feel relaxed and at ease. The images came out better than I had hoped. I was shocked at just the use of lighting she had, which made me feel like I was a pro in the photo shoot (but I was really a newbie haha). When my husband saw them, he was shocked and got super excited (I had to have the photographer take pictures of his reaction to my "gifts". It was PERFECT and he said that I looked beautiful!!! I often am much more critical of myself but after doing a session with Angela, I have become more comfortable in my own skin. It made me realize I was far too hard on how I felt I looked. I can't wait to do another session with Angela and would definitely recommend anyone looking to do something like this, to see her! She's professional, fun, down-to-earth, reasonably priced and most of all her work was quality. I couldn't have been blessed enough to find anyone better. Thank you Angela!!! See you soon gf ;-).

- Christy P.
"I feel like the sexiest mom on earth! Angela does not disappoint!!"

I cannot say enough great things or recommend Angela Woolridge as an outstanding boudoir photographer enough!! If I could give her 10 stars, I would!! My boudoir photo shoot was one of the best, most fun experiences I've ever had! I am a 41 year old mother of a 2 year old. As many of you mommies know, our bodies change significantly after having children. I had not been feeling too confident about my post-baby body even though I was down below my pre-pregnancy weight. A lot changes when you hit 40, too! After having my boudoir photos taken by Angela, I feel like the sexiest Mom on earth!! I decided to have boudoir photos taken as a surprise for my husband's 40th birthday. As soon as I spoke to Angela, I was immediately comfortable and super excited about my shoot! She was able to get me scheduled within a month of my hubby's birthday which I wasn't sure could happen because her reviews online were all 5 stars (deservedly so!). She talked me through the process, which she has down to a science! And she sent me a detailed e-mail telling me what to expect, best lingerie options to enhance my sexy pics and even links to online sources to purchase some of the best lingerie out there! She remained in touch with me up until the day of my boudoir photography shoot which helped build my excitement. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the friendliest, most professional and fun make-up artist I've ever met! It was so much fun to be pampered with hair and make up. Angela took a lot of time to walk me through the process and what to expect before we actually started shooting. I was so comfortable throughout the entire shoot. She is beyond professional and compassionate about her craft. She is so creative and fantastic at what she does. I would highly, highly, highly recommend her to anyone considering boudoir photos. And I encourage every woman to do at least one boudoir shoot in their lifetime. I have never felt more alive and sexy, thanks to Angela and her talents! My final pics were absolutely stunning! My husband was beyond surprised and thrilled with his gift that keeps on giving through a beautifully finished photo album, app and metal wall art. He was completely blown away! Angela does not disappoint!! I can't wait to go back for a second shoot!!

- Stacy B.
"I am SO glad I did this, it has been the largest boost in self confidence I have ever received."

Angela makes you feel so comfortable and is able to bring out the best in you. She was able to make me look and feel gorgeous throughout the entire session, and my album is amazing- I was completely blown out of the water at how amazing I looked! I am sure any man would LOVE to receive that, but for me I did it for myself. I am SO glad I did, it has been the largest boost in self confidence I have ever received. She knew exactly what would look amazing on me and accentuate my best features. She took into consideration my wants and expectations, and she completely exceeded them! Doing a boudoir session has always been something I have wanted to do, and I am so glad that it was with Angela! I would love to have another session again with her in the future!

- Aly V.

I was a little hesitant to do a boudoir session. I knew that I wanted to, but it was a matter of finding the right photographer to make me feel comfortable. Angela was definitely the professional for me! She made me feel very comfortable and went over several things before the session. By the time that I arrived for my session, I felt like I knew exactly what to expect and felt comfortable that I had made the right choice. Then, when I saw the work that she had done, I was amazed and I knew that I had made the right choice. There were several of the images that I had to ask, "is that me?". The images were so glamorous! This was a gift to my groom to be. I was very nervous of what he would think. He LOVED them! He kept looking at them over and over again! I definitely felt more confident after having these images done. The experience made me feel very sexy and boosted my self esteem. If anyone was considering doing a boudoir session, I would strongly encourage them to do so and with Angela! I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat! I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience!

- Kendra B.
"I am a plus size woman that is a little ashamed of my weight and she made me feel beautiful!"

Angela Was Amazing!!!!! She is fair with her prices and is very professional. Her studio is clean and tidy and gorgeous. All of her props were stunning. Her makeup and hair team was great as well! I am a plus size woman that is a little ashamed of my weight and she made me feel beautiful! She knows her stuff!! My husband fell in love with the book I gave him! It was the best wedding gift ever! She made me feel comfortable and not awkward at all. She took her time with me and captured so many great photos!! Maybe as an anniversary gift I will get my husband a second book!

- Jericah S.
"Made me feel so comfortable and I was blown away by how amazing I looked in the pictures!"

I LOVED working with Angela! I'm not one who has ever been overly confident in how I look. But I got the idea of doing a boudoir shoot for my husband, as it was something he would never expect. My appointment was in February and I was so incredibly nervous! But she made me feel so comfortable and I was blown away by how amazing I looked in the pictures! Not only that but you can tell how much she loves her job and is so incredible at it. When I got the final images for my husbands birthday he was blown away. He raved about them for days! Bottom line...even if you don't feel confident I would highly suggest doing something like this even if its just for yourself....And I would highly recommend Angela! She is professional, fun and really brings out the best in you!

- Jen D.
"Absolutely loved working with Angela Woolridge!!!!"

Absolutely love Angela Woolridge!!!! I have a friend who did a boudoir session with her for a gift for her husband’s birthday. Such beautiful photos so when it came time to give my husband a gift he would never expect, I had no question where I should go. I was really nervous going into the session, but right from the beginning Angela made me feel comfortable with the session. She explained every shot and what the pose would look like. As the photo shoot went on, I felt more and more comfortable and sexy. While these photos were a very important gift for my husband, I walked away with such a sense of confidence in my body and myself as a wife. Being a mom of 2 small children, I often forget about ME as a woman/wife. I honestly only expected to purchase 2 or 3 photos, but we ended up buying the entire boudoir package. I would love to have this same shoot done again as I am moving into my 40's.

- Sandy S.
"I felt like her most important client at all times during the process and I have no doubt she treats all of her clients just as well."

Angela is simply amazing! She made me feel beautiful and confident during my session and did a great job reassuring me and calming my nerves. Angela is extremely skilled and talented, but beyond that, the time, heart and soul she put into my experience and end product was second to none. I felt like her most important client at all times during the process and I have no doubt she treats all of her clients just as well. I'm in LOVE with my images, and without a doubt, my husband is too. Seeing the look on his face when he saw the finished product was priceless. As happy as it made me to see his reaction though, I realized that I really did these photos for myself. After bringing my two sons into this world, I've never felt more beautiful and strong as a woman. I really wanted to celebrate that, reward myself for all my hard work, and have extraordinary images to always remember this time in my life. Angela gave me just that!

- S. Harris
"Angela was AMAZING. I had so much fun shooting with her."

Angela was AMAZING. I had so much fun shooting with her. You could definitely tell she's been doing this awhile; she had told me to look up some "ideas" that I liked, and when I showed them to her she was so honest. She let me know how certain positions are sometimes designed for certain body types, and what looks good on someone who's 5'9" might not have the same effect on someone who's 5'2" (like me haha) but the poses that worked for me, she made sure I knew. I felt so beautiful and sexy all thanks to Angela- and my husband LOVED the photos, too :) can't wait to do a maternity session in a couple years!

- MacCayla A.
"Angela made me feel like perfection. Better yet, my images were beautiful."

I thoroughly enjoyed my boudoir experience with Angela! I sort of lack physical self confidence and Angela made me feel like perfection. Better yet, my images were beautiful. I was convinced I'd go with the smaller package, however after seeing all of my photos I upgraded! Her prices are very reasonable compared to other Columbus boudoir options as well and she even offers payment plans! I highly recommend Angela, she's so sweet and her work is outstanding.

- Julia H.
"Angela is great at what she does...she knows her craft. Very professional and inviting."
- Magg G.
"I had an amazing time at my boudoir photo shoot with Angela. The whole session was relaxed and fun. I got a wonderful spread of amazing shots that made me feel SO BEAUTIFUL. And my husband ADORED his wedding gift of 'me in a box'. Can't wait to go back!"
- K. Townshend
"Oh. My. Goodness. This was so FUN!"

Oh. My. Goodness. This was so FUN! I wanted to go totally out of my element and do something unexpected for my husband. I was a little nervous going in, but Angela is awesome and made me feel so comfortable. I felt beautiful and sexy during my session! I could not WAIT to see my images and pick out some for my husband. I even brought him to pick out the ones he liked and he was VERY happy! He still says its the best Christmas present he's ever received. Now that we've had baby #3, he's asking when I'm going to go back and do it again. Hopefully soon! I highly recommend!

- Brittany T.
"Everyone should feel beautiful in their body and Angela makes that happen for you!"

I had the most amazing time working with Angela! Who doesn't want to be like a Victoria secret model for a few hours?! You get your hair and make up done so you are feeling extra sexy then off to take your pictures. Angela knows exactly what she is doing from posing to lighting. She coaches you to be in the right position to flatter your body and makes you feel super comfortable whiling doing it. Everyone should feel beautiful in their body and Angela makes that happen for you! I would highly recommend working with Angela, she will amaze you! Your significant other will also love the finished product!

- Hillary S.
"This was a confidence booster and I would definitely recommend going to Angela."

Angela makes you feel confident and beautiful during your time with her. I love my images and so do my husband for our anniversary! It is a confidence booster and I would definitely recommend going to Angela. I would go again and herimages are perfect!

- Amanda S.

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